Without following through, no discourse makes any sense. Astrotouristing wants to be coherent with its discourse even if it’s progressively and always collaborating with you to achieve that coherence. Come on, it’s not that hard. It just requires conscience with science. Will you tackle with us our challenge?

  • Reflect all of our principles of sustainability, glocality, and divulgation of Astrotouristing in our DNA: briefing, selection and hiring of providers and collaborators, marketing and commercialization following the principles of the Economy of the Common Good to which we are related.

  • Recruit providers, collaborators and partners profiles related with Astrotouristing’s “ecosocialbusiness” approach and stimulate those on our sector to align with our principles.

  • Arrange corporate image representation contracts with research, museum, artistic institutions… linked to astronomy, astrophysics, and science in general, to help with its divulgation activities and to publicize their work and findings (congresses, festivals and dynamics).

  • Involve the consumers in the astronomic investigation and divulgation through their purchase in the Astrotouristing web shop.

As you can see, this is really a style of life, the #bestarfriendly style of life!

Consume differently, live differently, become an astrotourister…

Carmen María Real Perera (ASTROTOURISTING)
7 January, 2017
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