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Astrotouristing across Tenerife

…. and observing the night sky is only one of the possibilities …

We’ve been telling it you: you don’t have to settle or limit yourself with a single type of astrotourism. And also, why not combine it with other types of cultural tourism with scientific content. Even with the plus of being a scientist for a day if you wish … Read, read, because Tenerife is only the first place we are dealing with as a destination that generates knowledge and offers the possibility of being an outdoor “laboratory” for those who are not a researcher * s but wish to experience it or already have an interest on their own in an amateur plan.

Do we focus the telescope to see what it shows us?


The sky is your “roof” when you go to stargazing outdoors, but what if the roof you sleep on will let you see the sky?

That is the concept of “bubble” accommodations that are so suitable for stargazing tourism. Rooms or hotels that become a small observatory but with all the comforts.


Do you know that not all stargazing tourism is nocturnal nor does it consist of observations?

Either as an alternative by “weather adversity” or as an inclusive mode of activity or vacation, the fact is that neither the schedules nor the practice itself have to be limited by the stereotype of the astronomer in front of the telescope.

Obviously it will depend on the offer of resources of the location, the possibilities or the desire to move, personal tastes, or other types of physical conditions, agenda, etc.


EBC means Economy of the Common Good.

And they have certified ASTROTOURISTING because of practices already carried out in this line and the improvement plans that have arisen from self-assessment from their point of view. It is progressive and in addition to providing evidence of what we do we punctuate the members of the group in the area mutually. Energy fields are called, working groups in operation, but it is nothing esoteric but refers to the human energy that makes this orientation possible. And we know about renewable energy, right? …



Thanks Triodos Bank Spain! Our bank has selected us to appear in its 2019 Gregorian solar calendar.

That is, it is astronomical even if it seem conventional to you hahaha

Do you want to know how we appear …?



Actually they have shortened the image to give all the prominence to #astrotouristers but as you will see has more … “history” behind 😉


(It is that “friendly with the Sun” is not so cool … and today is the day of the “quiet sun” or solstice …)

Yes, the lifestyle and travels of astronomical and anti-light pollution divulgation have always been pro-solar energy and now we have “section” of devices related to outdoor activities, such as observations of the sky, which feed on the largest star of the homonymous planetary system in which we are: The Solar System. A revolution that will change everything … and one of the motivations that explain the existence of ASTROTOURISTING. Much more than stargazing …

Photovoltaic solar panels. Royalty free image.

Photovoltaic solar panels. Royalty free image.

ASTROTOOKING? Look at the footer …

No, our name has not changed: astrotourism is “synonym” of Astrotouristing.

But we have incorporated a tool to respond to the stargazing and touristic demand: the BOOKING search engine.

Do the search from our website and contribute to the astronomical dissemination. Clicking on the violet button SEARCH will take you to the conventional web of BOOKING but, calm down, we will not know anything about your personal data or those of your reservation.

You know that we actively participate, as much as we can, of initiatives linked to the sustainability of the environment and of humans, that we always insist that we are part of it. In our stamps and other posts you have the proof but if we can make synergy and certain “pedagogy” through it, moreover, redirecting income from this source to our purposes of knowledge divulgation, ecological awareness and social transformation through entrepreneurship …

Our maxim is the Economy of the Common Good. And what is it? …

Other type of maps: night world maps

A map of the world (in Latin Mappa Mundi) is a cartographic representation of the entire surface of the Earth in a spherical or flat form; among the latter we find even the celestial planispheres with the visible sky -and constellations interpreted culturally- that varies according to the latitude of the Earth from which its projection is situated, but we will already talk about them …

Returning to the most usual ones, it should be noted that they can be terrestrial or maritime, and frequently thematic: physical (geographical, geological, topographic), political (borders) or social (made with indicator data, which gives them very different aspects). It is true that sometimes they combine different variables in the representation and, although they are apparently objective they do not get rid of having an ideological load on the scales used … But then, what is a nocturnal world map? One that appears only black? Hopefully. It is at least black and white, but that white becomes yellowish because at night you know what happens: many lights turn on …

And that’s what we’re going to tell you in this post, of a world map that collects all that light pollution that is so unecological in terms of energy consumption and in so far as it affects the diversity of the environment including human health, apart from hindering astronomical observations, and also with citizen collaboration. Collaboration consisting of several tasks. Are you interested in participating?


No, we know that not, it happens when the summer solstice of each hemisphere takes place and the sun reaches its maximum height at noon; then corresponds to the longest day of the year. But, why do we ask this question? It has his trap.

It is the International Day of Light … and its applications in multiple fields: science, optics, culture and daily life.

And Astronomy is light – the measures based on its speed in the universe, as radiation that makes life possible, as a marker of biological cycles and in the capture through telescopes and photographic objectives – we have to do echo your commemoration and share with you all the information that UNESCO facilitates for your follow-up:

International Day of Light

ANOTHER (astro) TOURISM IS POSSIBLE: Fash (& Tourism) Rev

sustainable brand Astrotouristing

A quote used by the Fashion Revolution movement that makes a lot of sense in

We can and should dedicate a small section to a topic that tourism doesn´t seem to be associated to or we do not usually associate with it, although it is intimately related through one of its manifestations: the souvenir. I am referring to the textile sector.