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Other type of maps: night world maps

A map of the world (in Latin Mappa Mundi) is a cartographic representation of the entire surface of the Earth in a spherical or flat form; among the latter we find even the celestial planispheres with the visible sky -and constellations interpreted culturally- that varies according to the latitude of the Earth from which its projection is situated, but we will already talk about them …

Returning to the most usual ones, it should be noted that they can be terrestrial or maritime, and frequently thematic: physical (geographical, geological, topographic), political (borders) or social (made with indicator data, which gives them very different aspects). It is true that sometimes they combine different variables in the representation and, although they are apparently objective they do not get rid of having an ideological load on the scales used … But then, what is a nocturnal world map? One that appears only black? Hopefully. It is at least black and white, but that white becomes yellowish because at night you know what happens: many lights turn on …

And that’s what we’re going to tell you in this post, of a world map that collects all that light pollution that is so unecological in terms of energy consumption and in so far as it affects the diversity of the environment including human health, apart from hindering astronomical observations, and also with citizen collaboration. Collaboration consisting of several tasks. Are you interested in participating?